Providing relief to your pain is our goal.  Our chiropractic center is here for you. We will have you feeling better in no time. Below are some of the injuries that we treat. Our goal is to get you back to enjoying the things you love.

Ankle and feet

Once you sprain your ankle it seems to reinjure itself at the worst times. The ankle needs adjusting, restoring the muscles and treatment to the tendons and ligaments to return the ankle to normal use. Our center has seen great success with athletes as well as weekend warriors.

Foot pain

Foot pain is a common occurrence, the talus, a bone in the ankle and the bones of the feet need adjusting. Injuries, ill fitting shoes, on your feet all day, all cause the problem.  Adjustments, cold laser, moleskin supports and ice are needed to return your feet to happy feet. We have treated many dancers and women who cannot live without their high heels with great success.



Elbow pain is often caused by an injury to the joint and the muscles, we track down which muscles are not working, adjust the joint,  deep tissue work and cold laser are needed for the elbow to recover.



Most headaches are caused by an upper cervical problem. We have had patients who have suffered from headaches for years get the relief from the advanced techniques used by our chiropractic center to track down the problem and give the needed treatment.



Knee pain can come from an imbalance or injury to the muscles of the leg. Adjusting the knee, identifying which muscles are not working properly and restoring their proper function as well as cold laser relieve the problem. We have seen great results using the cold laser on patients with knee pain, often they receive treatment to avoid knee replacement as long as possible.


Lower back

Chiropractic is known for treating the low back, but did you know there is more than a quick adjustment needed to stop the problem. We also treat the big ligament of the low back that can cause a constant pain, as well as working on the muscles of the back and hip. When the back and hip are working together it becomes a joy to move again.


Mid Back

Far too many people suffer from mid-back pain and a result of sitting in front of a computer or doing paper work all day. Often a simple injury to the mid-back becomes a nagging pain that ranges from a slight annoyance to a sharp stabbing type pain.

We can help, adjustments, cold laser, deep tissue muscle work, ice and the roller bed will help to restore your mid-back.



Neck pain can be a real pain in the, well you know, injuries, stress, working in front of a computer all day, cause pain and stiffness that will not go away.

We use adjustments, deep tissue work, percussor and cold laser to restore your normal range of motion and relieve the pain. Let our chiropractic center help you  neck pain is the worst.



Treatment of shoulder problems begins with checking the muscles to identify what is the cause of the pain. Treating the cause and not the symptoms will help you return to your activities without the pain and limited range of motion.


Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

Treatment includes balancing the muscles of the TMJ as well as the cold laser, so that the jaw can operate properly, thus alleviating many of the symptoms.

Treatment includes balancing the muscles of the TMJ so that the jaw can operate properly, thus alleviating many of the symptoms.



Whiplash will not go away without proper treatment, rest, stretching and ice will help relieve some of the pain and symptoms, but the numerous small muscles of the neck, tendons and ligaments need treatment to stop the downward spiral of pain. Type your paragraph here.